Sink or Swim- Final Presentations in Creative Entrepreneurship

Recently, our class held our final business plan presentations in front of a panel of esteemed entrepreneurs.  We have each been working on a business throughout the semester, and this was our chance to sink or swim- could we sell it or not?

Though we’ve been receiving feedback from our classmates as well as from Dr. Evans throughout the semester, this was an opportunity for us to hear a new perspective on our business idea.  The judges were able to provide a unique perspective based on their backgrounds that allowed us to make our final business plans the best that they could be.

The chance to present in front of the panel was a rare but valuable opportunity; one that has encouraged me to truly seek venture capital to try my business out, for real.  Sometimes it only takes one person to make or break your spirit when it comes to a good idea.  Who has been your positive/negative influence on your entrepreneurial journey?


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Presenting with Prezi

The overhead projector has become the new posterboard.  Powerpoint has become the new overhead projector.  Today, more and more professionals are using Prezi  to present their business ideas and project plans.

So what’s so great about Prezi you may ask?  Well, Josh Linkner uses it in his highly-attended Creativity seminars.

But that’s not the only reason to love this new presentation tool.  Prezi adds the flair that Powerpoint has consistently lacked…without the clip art and cheesy sound and motion effects.  Prezi allows the user to incorporate various electronic sources quickly and easily, including links to other sites, as well as Youtube videos.  It also allows for easy addition of key words and phrases, as well as images.

Entrepreneurship is all about creativity.  Prezi allows that creative, entrepreneurial nature to shine through by remaining highly customizable and user friendly.  Though new to the industry, I expect that we will start to see Prezi more and more in the professional environment.

What are your thoughts on Prezi? Have you used it or are you willing to give it a shot?

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Incoming Rant…

I might be suffering from my own perspective at the moment but there is something I have to explain to everyone before the year ends. My current issue with most companies and students is the lack of foresight to research the operating system the business will use. There are two usual choices companies use for their internal systems: Linux and Windows. Let’s say that John Smith’s company has expanded out of his garage into an office building and he is in need of a computer network. “Well our computers use Windows, we’ll just buy the server version”, he says. John has unknowingly made a very expensive and terrible mistake. Just like any personal purchasing decision, you should probably research your product online, it’s just common sense; so why wouldn’t you do the same for your business? I have a problem with people like John Smith because they’re about to invest several hundred dollars in a Windows server software not just once, but several times every few years. I’m not going to argue that a Linux system’s total cost of ownership is free but I will argue that Linux has no licensing or upgrading fees; its free to take or duplicate, surprise!

“Oh but free must mean bad”, says John, “We’re a business and we need professional tools”, or my other favorite, “We’re not just large enough for something like that.” I don’t know what people are referring to when they say, like that in a condescending tone. John could not be farther from truth, he is factually incorrect. Not only is Linux free, Linux has more market share in servers than Windows (Security Space, 2010). Who uses Linux? A few companies and organizations you might have heard of: Facebook, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Cisco, Disney, Pixar, the U.S. Military and the United States Post Office. I would argue that the companies and organizations I’ve listed are moderately successful, maybe even very successful, so wouldn’t you like to join their ranks? If your growing business is even remotely linked to technology or even simply has a website, please research your infrastructure before making expensive decisions. Promising to research your options later when you’re more successful is the same as deciding to use bricks after your twig house is blown away.
I understand that you may not care as much as I do but don’t do it for me, do it for your business’s future.

-Eric Wright

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Social Media Marketing

Following the guest speaker about social media marketing I have started using it for my own business.  It also has taken off with small businesses because the marketer has complete control over what is being put out.  Social media marketing is also free and saves the company a great amount of money.  Customers love to be educated, it gives them a sense of assurance your company is knowledgeable and can perform the task.  This new trend in marketing and even customer service will continue to develop since we do not even know the true potential that is available yet.


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Meet the Judges!

At the end of the semester in Creative Entrepreneurship, students present their final business plans to a group of entrepreneurs for important real-world feedback.

This semester, we are pleased to invite the following judges to campus:

Detailed information about our wonderful judges after the jump! We appreciate their time and advice!

-Dr. Evans


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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Chris Barnes


I did some research about benefits of internet marketing on different sites. Most of us probably already know what some of the benefits of internet marketing can bring. This blog can be used like a refresher or educate those who never knew.

Some of the information I looked through states that internet marketing has been beneficial to large companies, but very beneficial to small and medium-size companies.  Internet marketing helps bring in prospective customers that are already looking for products/services like or similar to what you are marketing. This allows you to bring in customers who are trying to make commitments. It also helps enhance numbers of site visitors who are not fully committed to making purchases.

As long as you are implementing strategies to keep people interested in your product or service to your website, you are more likely to produce leads and drive sales.

Benefits also produce themselves when your website stands out from your other competitors. That’s when research comes in to play. Look to see if they have a website. Be creative and add something to their website that they do not have. Establish your grounds and gain knowledge is also important. Most of all, educate yourself more about the specific industry, there is something always available.

Another Benefit is that internet marketing never sleeps.  You advertisements operates 24/7 so people are able to access any information about your product or service at anytime. One thing is the older your online business gets, is the less hard it is to make a profit.

Overall, benefits of  Internet Marketing comes to play when it is done with organize planning and when it’s done as effectively as possible.  If it is done in that manner, you will be able to get a boost for your web site and as your customer base continues to grow.

Here are some links about internet marketing:

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Finals Frustrations

This year has been especially busy and has made me a bit uncomfortable for a few reasons. More time has progressively been taken up from various sources (class, work, internship, family and more class). Thankfully all my core education classes will finally be completed and I can focus on my IT major and business minor full time next semester. I don’t hate the core education classes but there is something to be desired. I’m often frustrated with conventional classes based off liberal arts such as World Masterpieces 1/2 and Foundations/Development of the American Experience. I’m not arguing that these classes are worthless but that they have very little influence on classes that are focused on my major. There seems to be a lack of connection between most core classes and that bothers me immensely. You would think the college would recommend MLA to majors that required MLA and APA to majors that require APA. Like teaching a left handed person to write with their right hand, it’s largely a waste of time. The myriad of skills the college attempts to fit into a single degree is just silly because students end up not specializing in anything in particular until the last 2 years. While I can understand that there is a need for some “global” skills, I truly believe that degrees are not specialized soon enough.

Even now in the genesis of my business, the skills I have learned that actually make me money and make my business successful do not stem from the core curriculum, but of my own research. I feel as if the early years of college are merely an excuse to work on side projects without having to worry about real life for a few more years after that.  I spoke with my parents on the matter and they said they felt the same half way through but continued anyway. I do feel that there is value in the degree so I’ll continue my academic career however I would like to see changes for freshman making their first years actually pertain more to their degree.

The semester has been wrapping up nicely and while there are new challenges everyday, I’ll continue to pull through. The above is just a snippet of stress from finals week, I think my frustrations will subside afterward.

-Eric Wright

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