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Tweetdeck: An Amazing Resource

This past Thursday I met an entrepreneur and foodie named David Benjamin. He is a member of a group called The Hungry Dudes that travels to different restaurants, and helps these restaurants develop good press through social networking. Mr. Benjamin also the founder and Social Media Director for Salex Basix eLearning. We discussed my business project in full detail and he gave me many helpful tips and hints to help my business thrive by using social media. Mr. Benjamin first told me to download on my computer a software called Tweetdeck. He explained to me that with Tweetdeck, you can organize your tweets based on categories or people. You can also have search engines running at all times with whatever you might be interested in reading tweets about.

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As soon as I downloaded Tweetdeck and began organizing the people I follow, life became much more simple. It was so convenient to be able to look under one specific column to read about certain topics, rather than be bombarded with various tweets about everything under the sun. I was also able to create a running search for food and recipes and by doing this, have already discovered some people I am interested in learning more about. From a business perspective, this tool would be extremely vital at keeping an eye on your competition. If a sushi restaurant, for instance, was interested in learning about what people thought of their competition, they could have a running search for that competition and when anyone on Twitter talks about them, the sushi restaurant could read it. You can find out new places to go by having a running search in a certain city as well as many other things. Tweetdeck allows you to be extremely creative, and search outside what you normally might be looking for. This is a tool that is useful whether running your own business, or if you just have a lot of friends. Organizing your Twitter will be the most beneficial thing you can do with you time.



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It is Our “Mission” to Please the Customer

When deciding to take the leap into creating your own business, there are many factors that come into play. You first must think about what you’re going to be doing, and how you’re going to make money. You need a solid business plan and a solid business model. Another aspect of your new business, which I never realized just how important it was until this year, is your business’ mission and vision statement. At many large corporations it is impossible to locate a mission statement or even find an employee who knows what their company stands for. A professor this semester discussed with me the mission statement at GM which she said was something about “working to make a profit.” Now, I’m all for working for money, but the sole reason your company is in business cannot be for money. A company that I believe has the right type of mission statement is Cold Stone Creamery. The Cold Stone Creamery mission statement can be found on their website. The first five words of their mission statement are “we will make people happy.” Their goal is not to make a profit or to have their annual figures be greater than their competitors, but it is to please their customers in such a way that they want to return to Cold Stone. If you walk into any Cold Stone their mission statement is tacked on the wall so that customers and employees alike, remember why Cold Stone is such a wonderful place to visit. The employees live by this statement and they strive to make every customer that walks through their doors happy with their choice of picking Cold Stone.

Many people believe that mission and vision statements are simply a tool that the company needs to have for certain paperwork or for showing to investors and stockholders, but this is the wrong idea. The mission and vision statement are vital to the growth of the business and to how a customer will feel when experiencing your product or service. Money is the end result, but it is the middle part that will help you reach that end result, and that middle part if your customers. In order to reach the end, customers need to be satisfied and happy and to do this, their needs have to come before your own. Every store that I go into, I shop at because of the way I feel as a customer or consumer. I do not go into stores or various service places where I know I will feel as though I am simply 1 out of 1000 that day. I want to feel unique and special when I am a customer and when I open my business, I intend on making each and every one of my customers feel the same. Have you ever been somewhere, where you felt like lowest priority on a business’ list? Or have you ever been somewhere, where the service was so amazing you actually left in a better mood? Do either of these stores has a mission statement?



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It’s all about the network

One of the greatest things that I have been exposed to since coming to Lawrence Tech is the network of people that my professors and even classmates have been able to connect me with.  Securing a job after graduation is something that everyone is nervous about, but I can honestly say that I feel prepared thanks to the networking that I’ve been able to do in school, as well as the networking events that I have coming up!

On Monday I received a call from Crain’s Detroit Business letting me know that I had won their Newsmaker of the Year Scholarship Competition!  Needless to say I was ecstatic about the money, but the opportunities that will be available for me to network at such an event are unbelievable, especially as someone who is looking into the Communications/PR/Event management field.

Additionally, I also received news that there is a Public Relations & Communications Job Fair coming up!  Needless to say there will be tons of people there who will be great networking connections.

I’m excited about my path as an entrepreneur and I’m very interested in meeting people who can help me along my journey, as well as meeting people who I may be able to help with the little bit of experience that I’ve gained thus far.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have some outstanding mentors, and I’m always on the lookout for new mentors, whose expertise I can learn from as well.

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Welcome to COM3113, Spring 2011 Edition!


COM3113 Creative Entrepreneurship is a communication-centered course for students studying in creative disciplines. You will explore the essentials of entrepreneurial communication: the idea pitch, the business plan presentation, the written business plan, collaboration and client communication.

For more about the course, see the About page. For a list of required readings, click here.

This blog will feature events, assignment information, and posts about Creative Entrepreneurship. Some of them will come from you and your classmates, so be sure to bookmark and return often!


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