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Bloggers are students in COM3113, as well as Prof. Evans. This semester, we are featuring the work of:


Nick— A 5th year student at Lawrence Tech, Nick is a dual major student in Business Management and IT, and is minoring in Technical & Professional Communication. He currently works full time and attends Lawrence Tech as a full-time student.  Nick says, “Since high school (or maybe even earlier), I’ve always dreamed about becoming an entrepreneur.  I’ve been fixing computers since I was in middleschool and fixed some computers on the side. I started my own computer repair business about 5 years ago, consulting for some small businesses and home computer repairs near my home in Macomb, MI. One day I hope to take my business to a full-time status. However, one of the challenges I am having is how I can position my business in a niche that will help ensure I’m not going head-to-head with existing IT consulting firms. I’m looking forward to learning more about entrepreneurship this semester and developing the tools I need to make my business successful.”


Andrew — Andrew is a 5th year student at LTU, studying business management. He has worked for the family environmental services business for the past 8 years now, which he credits for “building on my self taught mechanical and engineering capabilities.”  His goal is to take over the business within the next ten years and broaden the market that it serves.  Andrew prides himself on his ability to quickly pick up on new industry trends and identify how to use new trends to better serve customers. Andrew notes: “Entrepreneurs are needed within service organizations to keep ahead of the competition.”




Chris — Chris is a junior in the Business Management program at LTU. Chris is the first one to admit he has a life outside of school! 🙂 His hobbies include spending time with family, friends, and his fraternity brothers.  He also enjoys cooking, playing sports, working out, having fun, and laughing! Chris started out as a architecture and design major at Lawrence Tech, and still enjoys art and being creative.

Chris tells a great story about one of his earliest entrepreneurial experiences and how it sparked his entrepreneurial mindset:

[My interest in art and creativity] ties into what kind of entrepreneurial skills I had as a child. I was really good atdrawing cartoon characters, especially characters off of Nickelodeon. I used to make posters for my cousins and closest friends and sell them $1. Now where can you get a poster anywhere else for a dollar? Another common entrepreneurial experience as a kidwas selling snacks out of my locker. I would buy candy, chips, Capri Suns, and cookies in bulk and students around the school purchased them. It was more efficient then the café’s vending machine because half of the time your snacks would get stuck or they didn’t have what you wanted. I did not get in trouble for it either, because the teachers even bought snack from me. Thank God for my mother’s membership at Sam’s club. Selling snacks out of my locker, or running my own childhood business gave me many connections with other young business owners in the school, like the kids who made CDs and sold them, or the girl who made t-shirts, etc. I was also open to ideas becausestudents came to me and told me which snacks are popular and what should I sell more of. It was a great experience as a child because when you get to that stage when you own your own business you will have networking capabilities with other businesses, you will be open to new innovative ideas, and you will know what to do better and what is beneficial to your businesses success. For my business plan I am working in the small appliance industry. In my opinion, I think this industry has the potential to grow and is open for blue oceans.




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