How to Get a Real Education at College

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That we go to college to learn is axiomatic. But many—perhaps most—if the most important things we learn aren’t actually the subjects of our classes. In almost every class at Lawrence Tech students are expected to learn how to be better writers, better presenters—better communicators in general.

Scott Adams, creater of the Dilbert comic strip, suggests that much of the emphasis on  traditional studies is misplaced. In his essay How to Get a Real Education (published in the Wall Street Journal), he wastes no time in getting to what he things should be the focus of college studies:

I understand why the top students in America study physics, chemistry, calculus and classic literature. The kids in this brainy group are the future professors, scientists, thinkers and engineers who will propel civilization forward. But why do we make B students sit through these same classes? That’s like trying to train your cat to do your taxes—a waste of time and money. Wouldn’t it make more sense to teach B students something useful, like entrepreneurship?
[empahsis mine – SJK]

Before I read this essay, I assumed Mr. Adams had struck it lucky by combining his great sense of humor and mediocre artistic skills into a sort of anti-corporate comic. But after reading it, I’ve concluded that he probably would have been successful no matter what, because he spent his entire college career practicing the art of entrepreneurship.

Scott Adams cartoon


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