The Lessons From Hamilton Chase

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During this semester I had the opportunity to work on a Hamilton Chase project with two creative partners in the Make You Mark Competition, Eric Wright and Cyrus Sarosh. The whole challenge was to develop an idea that could be created for $10. The premise was that you had to create or develop something that could be used to make a positive impact in some ones life. Our idea was to take the origins of a design competition and build the case for Green Guardians.

The idea was developed from an architectural competition that was outlined by a UK based agency, that supports urban infrastructure designs. The goal of the competition was to give a homeless person a secure and portable shelter for use in the urban environment. The competition generated Green Guardian concept vehicle. The Green Guardian idea was built on empowering homeless individuals with a means to collect recyclable’s so they could receive compensation from the local community for contributing to the greener urban environment. The green guardian would have a special cart designed by us to be manufactured at Lawrence Tech and that would allow them to be supported by a local business interested in social outreach and green issues. The cart would keep the recyclable’s for collection and also be a secure shelter for the homeless individual to use in the travels they make through urban environments.

Our goal was to establish a plan for implementation by a student led organization that would be composed of different colleges at the university. The engineering school would contribute the manufacturing process and manpower to manufacture the carts. The business school would lead the sales and operations of the business, the other colleges would contribute to the program from their various skill sets. The whole plan was to be run as a private venture that would be funded by outside business donations and maintained by purchases by business’ in urban areas countrywide.

As we began to design our plan we discovered that government support did not have a lot of staying power for this idea. The decision was made to develop the plan to be privately driven and privately funded. We felt that we should make the idea drivable by just the student body, and have minimal support by the university except for the provision of square footage for manufacturing.

We took the steps to establish an online presence, creating a Facebook page, developing a website, and creating a blog site.

Overall we felt we created a great idea, sadly we were disqualified for being late with our submittal to the review board. I learned that some of the best ideas come when there is a commitment to a common goal that is understood by all the parties involved. Furthermore I learned that even good ideas can hit snags in the river of development.

N. Turner


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