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I might be suffering from my own perspective at the moment but there is something I have to explain to everyone before the year ends. My current issue with most companies and students is the lack of foresight to research the operating system the business will use. There are two usual choices companies use for their internal systems: Linux and Windows. Let’s say that John Smith’s company has expanded out of his garage into an office building and he is in need of a computer network. “Well our computers use Windows, we’ll just buy the server version”, he says. John has unknowingly made a very expensive and terrible mistake. Just like any personal purchasing decision, you should probably research your product online, it’s just common sense; so why wouldn’t you do the same for your business? I have a problem with people like John Smith because they’re about to invest several hundred dollars in a Windows server software not just once, but several times every few years. I’m not going to argue that a Linux system’s total cost of ownership is free but I will argue that Linux has no licensing or upgrading fees; its free to take or duplicate, surprise!

“Oh but free must mean bad”, says John, “We’re a business and we need professional tools”, or my other favorite, “We’re not just large enough for something like that.” I don’t know what people are referring to when they say, like that in a condescending tone. John could not be farther from truth, he is factually incorrect. Not only is Linux free, Linux has more market share in servers than Windows (Security Space, 2010). Who uses Linux? A few companies and organizations you might have heard of: Facebook, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Cisco, Disney, Pixar, the U.S. Military and the United States Post Office. I would argue that the companies and organizations I’ve listed are moderately successful, maybe even very successful, so wouldn’t you like to join their ranks? If your growing business is even remotely linked to technology or even simply has a website, please research your infrastructure before making expensive decisions. Promising to research your options later when you’re more successful is the same as deciding to use bricks after your twig house is blown away.
I understand that you may not care as much as I do but don’t do it for me, do it for your business’s future.

-Eric Wright


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