Finals Frustrations

April 27, 2011 at 4:40 am 2 comments

This year has been especially busy and has made me a bit uncomfortable for a few reasons. More time has progressively been taken up from various sources (class, work, internship, family and more class). Thankfully all my core education classes will finally be completed and I can focus on my IT major and business minor full time next semester. I don’t hate the core education classes but there is something to be desired. I’m often frustrated with conventional classes based off liberal arts such as World Masterpieces 1/2 and Foundations/Development of the American Experience. I’m not arguing that these classes are worthless but that they have very little influence on classes that are focused on my major. There seems to be a lack of connection between most core classes and that bothers me immensely. You would think the college would recommend MLA to majors that required MLA and APA to majors that require APA. Like teaching a left handed person to write with their right hand, it’s largely a waste of time. The myriad of skills the college attempts to fit into a single degree is just silly because students end up not specializing in anything in particular until the last 2 years. While I can understand that there is a need for some “global” skills, I truly believe that degrees are not specialized soon enough.

Even now in the genesis of my business, the skills I have learned that actually make me money and make my business successful do not stem from the core curriculum, but of my own research. I feel as if the early years of college are merely an excuse to work on side projects without having to worry about real life for a few more years after that.  I spoke with my parents on the matter and they said they felt the same half way through but continued anyway. I do feel that there is value in the degree so I’ll continue my academic career however I would like to see changes for freshman making their first years actually pertain more to their degree.

The semester has been wrapping up nicely and while there are new challenges everyday, I’ll continue to pull through. The above is just a snippet of stress from finals week, I think my frustrations will subside afterward.

-Eric Wright


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  • 1. alexandriamisr  |  May 1, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    Where are you doing your internship?

    • 2. teffen  |  May 1, 2011 at 4:58 pm, they create software to track children’s medical records at summer camps.


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