Boosting Business with Foursquare

March 27, 2011 at 7:48 pm 3 comments

I recently came across an article online about how Foursquare can boost sales for businesses. Foursquare is an application that can be used with a smartphone, which involves checking in at locations when you visit them. The person with the most check ins at a location during a certain period of time is called the mayor of that location. We have discussed some of the possible uses of Foursquare in a business sense in class. The article I recently found gave three tips on how to use Foursquare to boost business.


The first tip was to be generous. Be generous on the rewards you give when checking in with Foursquare. An example given was to give something away for free each time a person checks in. Of course this would be a small item, but it’s better than getting nothing. Give away larger rewards on milestone check ins, for example as a restaurant when the 10,000th person checks in give them a free sandwich each week for a year. Then for each milestone check in increase the reward.

The second tip was to keep the conversation going. This tip means to add something new such as on one day when people visit they can earn a special badge by doing something special while at the business. On top of earning this badge the person gains some sort of reward. This keeps people talking about your specific business on Foursquare and discussing which days they can gain a certain badge or special reward.

The third tip was know thy customer, which is the best tip anyone can give about running a business in general. This tip means that a business owner should use the Foursquare system to their advantage to track your customers and see when more people are checking in and when there are slow days of people checking in. Using this can help a business decide when to have sales and specials to try and build more business overall.




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  • 1. Karen  |  March 29, 2011 at 11:22 am

    Great article, Cyrus! And I like your point at the end that “know thy customer” is important whether you’re talking about Foursquare or not.

    Do you think there are some businesses that would *not* benefit from using Foursquare?

    • 2. cyrus20  |  April 7, 2011 at 12:11 am

      Yeah I believe there are some that wouldn’t benefit such as businesses that have a low return customer rate, such as a car dealerships or carpet dealer. Also, businesses with no actual building wouldn’t have any use for Foursquare.

  • 3. Nick George  |  April 7, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    Cyrus, I think you made some excellent points about how Four Square can be utilized. I think that this type of service could replace many of the current promotional items that businesses currently have to operate. For example, what if Biggby Coffee stopped their “frequency card” program and instead replaced it with a model using FourSquare to reward their customers? This would be an easier concept to adopt for startups, but existing businesses could also replace (or supplement) their current promotional strategy with the use of Four Square. Great find!



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