What is in a name?

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Apparently a lot.
Over the semester I’ve been developing a brand name for my company and while I had a general idea of what I wanted, I had to think of something that the customers would like. For awhile I thought I would just ask around and see what people thought of the names and would go with the most popular; this was not the case. It turns out that people don’t really know what they want or why they even like something. The name problem became even more difficult as people made suggestions. We’ll back track a bit, I used to fix computers full time as a company named Duochan Solutions. The name had no meaning or connotation, I just had the domain from a previous forum project. The company was registered, 1000 cards were made and I was off to work. Business was fine but customers just didn’t quite get the name, I was even referred to as Mr. Dueshawn (seriously I have no idea). Time went on and I grew tired of fixing people’s computers. The job is draining and frustrating and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone over 18 unless they have the patience of a saint. I moved on to server administration and created the nirrius gaming community and REDACTED INC.

nirrius logo black

nirrius's logo

nirrius is easy to pronounce and is unique enough to distinguish from any other community. REDACTED was another story. Choosing a name for a game server company wasn’t easy. Everything I thought of or saw from the competition just came off as really cheesy or dated; I have this problem with most tech companies. Eventually I just jokingly thought of choosing “unnamed company” which led me to redacted.



The name stuck and the brand just sort of wrote itself. REDACTED INC was styled to be bold, direct and confident while nirrius was relaxed, inviting and casual; it flowed like poetry.

A business’s names brings life to your company and helps customers recognize your brand. It’s important that you choose one that fits just right and that you’re happy with.


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