The Art of Speaking

March 22, 2011 at 12:43 pm 2 comments

This semester I have had many opportunities to speak in front of class. Most of my speaking has been speeches for my speech class, but I have also had to speak in my entrepreneur classes. I am fine speaking to almost anyone one on one, but when it comes to public speaking, I am a mess. I am not trying to put myself down, but rather trying to acknowledge the problem so I can try to fix it. I think I feel extra pressure in class because I am being evaluated by the teacher, but that is never going to change because no matter where I speak I will be evaluated by the audience. I would like to become a great speaker, and I am always looking for ideas to help me improve my skills.

In The Art of the Start, Guy Kawasaki talks about the art of speaking. He gives tips to giving an effective speech. The two tips I would like to work on are telling stories and practicing. Guy Kawasaki says, make a point then tell a story to illustrate it. I think this would be a good idea for me because it will take me away from my notes. Practicing will also help me a lot. Guy Kawasaki says, the more you practice the more spontaneous you will sound.

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Although I would never had taken a speech class if it as not a required course for my degree, I see a need for it in my life. As an entrepreneur, I should be constantly pitching my ideas, and giving speeches about my business. The other day I was thinking about my launch party for my business and realized I would have to make a speech. This made me really nervous so I decided to ask my speech teacher “What do people that really have a problem speaking do? Do they have someone else give their speech?”, and explained my situation. She answered “They get good at it!”  Then she went on to say that just telling her about my business, the launch party, and my fears as the best “speech” I had given. She said I as was articulate and showed passion, and that I am a great speaker but I have to be more confident! I agree with her, so I am going to try to take her advice.

How can I work on building confidence?

Ruqiayah Madany


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  • 1. amapes  |  March 22, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    Confidence relates directly to your product or service. I have found that the more confident I am in my work, the better off I am pitching myself or the idea. I have engineered and fabricated different accessories for trucks and before I ask the operators for their opinion I test it to its highest capability which builds up my courage that I have a working product I can approach others with. Ultimately your confidence presenting or pitching relates to the audience’s confidence of your work.

  • 2. Ruqiayah Madany  |  March 28, 2011 at 12:01 am

    Thanks Andrew,

    I agree, that is why I need to get the hang of this public speaking before my launch party!


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