The experience, not the thing!

March 3, 2011 at 3:11 pm Leave a comment

I was intrigued by this TED talk about collaborative consumption. The speaker (Rachel Botsman) made some interesting observations about the recent development of the sharing culture. In her talk, she mentioned that there is an increasing demand for the experience versus the object. That concept is interesting because the stuff I have around my room is there because it is experience driven. Everything we have has some elemental impact into our individuality and lifestyle. This fact may be obvious to us, but oblivious to the entrepreneur. Lets face it we all want to make our idea great, we all want to make money, we all want to develop our monetary share of other people’s experience. Yet the greatest thing that overcomes many entrepreneurs is the integration or application of our ideas. We ponder the big questions; What step do I need to take to get my idea or product to go? How do I appeal to the biggest market? What are the trade offs for the best profit? etc…

I think that the concept of collaborative consumption has an inherent litmus test to gain perspective on those questions. What type of experience does my product or idea have?  Can this question sharpen our ideas, products, and services?

I don’t necessarily like the concept in general and the way that speaker contextualized it. However the theory got me thinking about refining demand. Technology and the web are a large part of our business culture. The development of this refining concept can definitely help us entrepreneurs test ideas.


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