Why am I interested in entreprenuership

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Why am I interested in entreprenuership?Posted on January 27, 2011 by ltucbarnes11

Chris Barnes

Truthfully, I am interested in learning more about entrepreneurship not only because I plan on owning by own business someday, but I feel the material from this class should be required knowledge.  As a management major I should have some kind of foundation and knowledge in marketing, accounting, and learning how to deal with people. The reason for this is because all these concepts tie into being an entrepreneur and owning your own business.  “Being you own boss” is probably everyone’s dream, but the thing is that you have to be passionate. I am passionate about my success so that is why I take on many learning opportunities for the betterment of my success.  For example, before I even took this class, I had no idea what a red or blue ocean was. Now since I am knowledgeable about it and in the process of learning more about it, inspired me to reach for a blue ocean when I run my own business. Something someone never thought about, something that I can call mine and put my patent on it, and most of all get acknowledged for it. I also interested in learning more about entrepreneurship is because I want to learn strategies of creating new ideas and being more innovative. I also feel that Entrepreneurship would help me develop a business mindset. This is not geared toward my future career but for things that is going on in my life right now. I hold leadership roles in organizations that I am I should be able to have the mindset to run those like a business.  Taking the knowledge from entrepreneurship and apply towards an event my fraternity promotes like marketing the event, creating a brand, and exploring what other organization haven’t thought about doing. It is obvious that you can apply entrepreneurship knowledge towards anything besides your career placement.

I used to be that kid took the time and made cartoon character posters for my friends and cousins and sold them for a dollar. I also used to be that kid that sold snacks out my locker. I have also always been an open minded person that is susceptible to new ideas and advice and if I felt that it was useful and helpful I applied it. Just by doing those things a child, other friends noticed what I was capable of doing and what I was good at and we networked and shared ideas. It was also times where we worked together like breaking up into teams going around the neighborhood raking leaves and shoveling snow. We set a goal of how many houses we were going work on, set a price, and split the cash down the middle and kept working until we met our goals. Now, that I am older I realize that’s how real business work by sharing ideas, creating new ideas, networking, and being innovative.

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Hello world!Posted on January 27, 2011 by ltucbarnes11

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