Developing a Creative Mindset

February 21, 2011 at 8:34 pm Leave a comment

Developing a creative mindset

By Chris Barnes

I really have been thinking about how much the world has changed over time. For example, I look at different situation from like 1995 and compare them to things today here in 2011. Things like the difference in cars, television, and music. All those difference and those things arose from people with creative mindsets and their eagerness for making a improvement. The world is continuously growing in different aspects of business, technology, the environment, and socially. To be an asset to this world that is constantly growing, learning how to develop a creative mindset can definitely be key. The world is extremely receptive of new ideas and change and the world can really use them. I read an article that focused solely on creative entrepreneurship. It explains different factors into creative entrepreneurship.  Those factors are being infinite, focusing on the future, and writing down idea.

Being infinite means having capabilities of not having limits on your thinking. Most times, some entrepreneurs are limited to one specific way of thinking. When you are in the business industry and you are striving for success and profitability, you have to think outside the box a little.  Having an open mind opens many doors; you also have to keep in mind to be careful as well. Seems to be kind of a risky situation, but nine times out of ten, unlimited thinking is beneficial.

Focusing on the future goes back to what I said before. The world is constantly changing so it is best to always keep up with what the world creates and has to offer. Develop the mindset to foresee what can make the world better and cater to what it needs. Young entrepreneur should develop this trait as early as possible in their careers.

Most importantly, writing down ideas should be an important trait before you start your career. Writing down ideas can help motivate the mind into being more creative and powerful.

Overall, All these factors go hand and hand with other. To develop these capabilities they must build upon each other and must be applied with passion.


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