Is the Blue Ocean Turning Red?

February 5, 2011 at 11:52 pm Leave a comment


I just finished reading an article on called “Small Circus Big Dreams”:

I was intrigued to see that there is a slew of competitors coming into the market place (Just check the sidebar in the article for ‘circus’) in the great ocean of Cirque de Soleil. I began to ask a two questions about the world of Blue Ocean Strategy.

First, do they (Cirque) still float in a blue ocean or has it begun to change color; how long of a timeline does an ideas blue ocean last? They obviously have defined the market place and are the industry leaders, however there are markets that they left untouched. Was this a wise thing to do? Or since they have become so big ($$$$$$) have they have lost some of their edge?

My own answer is that they have succeeded in defining their world of entertainment so well that their competitor will always work in the shadow of the mighty cirque. They still float in a blue ocean because they have implemented their strategy canvas to the highest degree.

Second, after reviewing the site of Aerial Angles, they got their investors to see the potential of their idea by saying we are different from Cirque because we will tell our audiences the secrets as well as the story. Did they create their own blue ocean by just changing a few things like venue and size? Or since they use the individual artist to make their show unique have they reinvigorated the idea of stars? Is this unique or a copy?

My own answer is that it’s both. They are unique because they have resurrected the very thing that was killing Barnum and Bailey & Ringling Bros. by bringing a troupe of unique individuals. Which means that they are not competing on the same plane as Cirque and although they are in the shadow, they have distinguished themselves by working in smaller markets.  In my mind they still are also copying because they are following the market path that was forged by Cirque and not changing the market. Is this last point debatable yes.

Please give me your thoughts.



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